Documents, etc.

If you require any documents

1. Medical certificate from Iwata City Hospital (death certificate, document with sickness/injury name and medical treatment period only, etc.)

  1. When receiving an examination, ask your physician for a medical certificate (if you do not receive an examination, ask at the reception desk of the applicable department).
  2. After paying, please receive your certificate at the reception desk of the department where you requested it (it may not be issued on the same day in some cases).

2. Other documents besides #1 above (insurance company medical certificate, other certificates, etc.)

  1. Fill in the Document Request Form at the Main Medical Affairs Reception Desk (Document Reception Desk; 1F, No. 2). You will be given a ticket to exchange for your document, so keep it safely until you receive your document.
  2. The hospital will contact you when your certificate is ready. Go to the Main Medical Affairs Reception Desk (1F, No. 2).
  3. After paying, you will be given your document.

* You may not be able to receive your document without the ticket. Make sure to bring this ticket with you.
* Until 5:00 pm.