Inpatient treatment

Terms such as “primary care physician,” “acute-phase hospital,” and “chronic-phase hospital” are used frequently. These refer to the division of roles between medical institutions with the goal of providing high-quality medical care.
Iwata City Hospital provides acute-phase medical care to residents as a central acute-phase hospital for the region. Its mission is to offer high-quality medical care to patients for whom more specialized treatment has been deemed necessary, such as detailed testing, inpatient treatment, or surgery. Accordingly, once a patient’s acute-phase care has been successfully completed and his or her condition has been stabilized, Iwata City Hospital asks patients to be promptly discharged and receive outpatient treatment or follow-up care from their primary care physicians. For patients requiring continuous, chronic-phase inpatient care even after the necessary specialized treatment is complete and their condition is stable, they are asked to move to a hospital with long-term care, convalescence, rehabilitation, palliative care, or similar wards.
Iwata City Hospital kindly asks that you understand and cooperate with this mission so it can fulfill its duty as a central hospital for the region.