General Medical Consultation

At the hospital, we have established "Medical and Welfare Consultation / General Consultation" so that the patients can have access to appropriate medical treatment safely and comfortably.

“I’m worried about how to pay for my medical expenses”
“I would like to know what facilities and services I can use after I’m discharged”
“I have some concerns about my hospitalization”
“I want to know about disability pensions and compensation payments”
"I want to know how to use the welfare system (Disability certificate and/or nursing care insurance, etc.)”
“How can I stay home and get medical treatment?”
“I don’t know where else I can go to talk to somebody”

Are you concerned or worried about something?

Through our medical and welfare consultation, we support you to “live the life you want to live.” Our medical social workers will provide consultation on any problems or worries of patients or family members.

Reception Hours8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Except for holidays and New Year’s holidays (hospital closing days).
Consultation ServicesAny concerns, questions, or problems about outpatient / inpatient care, or medical treatment after discharge
Consultation ContactsConsultation Support Center (Medical social work will provide the consultation)
Outpatient East Ward * Since July 6, 2015, it has been relocated from 2F Outpatient East Ward to 2F Main Wing (next to Anesthesia department).
How to ConsultYou may consult in person or over the phone.
Face-to-face ConsultationAppointment required in advance. Please call or contact the hospital staff to make an appointment.
Phone Consultation0538-38-5000 (Main)
OthersNo consultation fees will be charged.

General Consultation

We will answer all kinds of questions and concerns about medical care, systems or payment, and other miscellaneous issues about the hospital.
Please feel free to talk to us. Or you may call for consultation.

Reception Hours8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Only available on weekdays)
LocationGeneral Information Desk (1F Main Wing)
Consultation Support Center (2F Main Wing)
Phone0538-38-5000 (Main)
CounselorsGeneral counselors, medical social workers, etc.

We also have “Message Boxes” located in 9 places in the hospital. Please let us know your opinion.