Notices during Hospitalization

Mobile Phones

• Please turn off mobile phones as they cannot be used in the emergency room, outpatient waiting room, examination room, treatment room, operating room, or inpatient ward.
• You may use your mobile phone in places other than as stated above. Please set your mobile phone to silent mode.
• You may use your mobile phone in the inpatient ward cafeteria. Please set your mobile phone to silent mode.

Smoke free hospital

Our hospital is entirely smoke free. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

In the event of a disaster

• After admission, please confirm the evacuation routes. Evacuation route maps are posted in the rooms.
• Please follow the instructions of the hospital staff in the event of a disaster.
• Do NOT use the elevator. In addition, please be sure to evacuate using the route away from the fire.

Beware of Theft

Please be careful when managing valuables and money (gifts). If you must keep valuables, please put them in a locked drawer.


• In principle, vehicles belonging to inpatients cannot be parked at the hospital.
• We promote the use of generic medications.
• If you need to go to another hospital during hospitalization, please consult your doctor or nurse before you make a visit.